2013: Look back, Look forward

Dearest Readers,

Thanks for a lovely year. In case you missed it, I posted a new photo every day in 2013. Each photo (with about 2 exceptions) was posted within 8 days of creation. Only one photo missed the deadline, so I posted three the following day to make up for it. Hopefully all is forgiven? :)

Looking back, I am pleased as punch with the results of this challenge. I have learned more about the kind of work I want to make - the kind of visual light palette I prefer, and the places and things that most inspire me. Sunrise or sunset in a botanical garden in spring? Yes, please. New York in October? Sounds good.

Looking forward, I really see no reason to slow down. So for 2014, the plan is roughly the same, with some loosened "rules". You can still expect frequent postings from me - I'll aim for 5-7 each week. And you can still expect work that is both new (never posted before) and recent. I'm expanding "recent" to the past 30 days instead of the past 8.

And for an added twist, I expect to update you with new paintings from time to time.

As always, all my work is for sale. Most of my favorites are posted in my etsy shop (charitykittler.etsy.com), but if you want any print that isn't in my etsy shop yet, just ping me and I'll post it for you to order.

Much love to you all, and happiest of new years!


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