Brunner/Wiley Wedding Part 4

You know the shot you want to get, and the moment you realize you didn't get it? I've been going through that this week. Then I went back to my files today and find that I *did* get it, above. You don't get those moments every day, friends - what you thought was lost was never lost at all. 

I've added a few gems from the ceremony below. I'll be trying to keep myself to a theme each day for the rest of the week. If all goes well, we'll have some wedding party shots ready tomorrow...

People loved this, still laughing as the flower girls finish their walk down the aisle :)

I'm realizing that I love epic photography. 
I want the Moment, 
the expansiveness of the church where all lines lead to and focus on 
the bride, 
making her entrance. 

If only I'd shot this in manual. How'd we get down to ISO 1600 when we're at 5.6? C'mon. Open it up.