What I learned: First Wedding

An incomplete list: 

1. Don't leave ISO on 100. If you're shooting manual, set it to go up to 800 or so, to get some light in the dark interior shots.

2. Shoot at least 1/60 inside, unless you're tripoding or freaking steady handed. 

3. Need front focus? Flip that setting on your camera. Need back focus? Flip that setting on your camera.

4. How far back to you need to be to see everyone in the wedding party? Find out at the rehearsal.

5. Shooting outdoors? Say it's 7pm, sun's down - shoot 1/80 or faster with visible. If the sun's still up and visible in your shot, shoot at least 1/100, if not faster.

6. Shoot people you don't know. Know the bride? Good job. Shoot people you don't know. 

7. Get more close-ups. I know you love the epic landscape. Shoot close-ups anyway.

8. Get some cool shots of the bride and groom. Bride looking away, Groom looking at camera.

9. Need the pastor to move for a cool shot? Have him practice getting out of the way during the rehearsal.

10. Get some shots of the B and G not smiling. Go all arty.

11. MOVE. Eye level is great. So is ground level. So is bird's eye view.

12. You think 1/160 is good enough to shoot dancing? Think again. Think faster. 

Want the basics, like ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND CAMERA, or more from experts? 

Read up like this or this.