Jasper & Love

A few of you have asked how I name my pieces. Just kidding - no one has asked, but I think it's pretty interesting. So let's go!

Lila I have to start my saying I've been pining after these stones for weeks before I found and purchased them. Wouldn't mind if they were a bit more saturated, but in this case, it works really well to let the garnet be saturated and let the glass just chill in the background. To name these, I typed "purple" into google translate and did my normal strategy - clicked to a random language translation. Who knew? "Lila" means "purple" in Filipino.

Viola You guessed it - "viola" means "violet" in Italian :) I love the tropical colors in this pair, including my favorite shade of chartreusy green. Can you smell the summer breeze yet? 

Kima I'll be honest, I don't write down my methods, so I'm literally piecing together memories as I write this post. I remember starting with "goldfish" on this one, because the large glass bead looks like a fishbowl with an ornate goldfish inside. And yes - when you translate "goldfish" into Amharic, you get ወርቅማ ዓሣ which sounds like werik'ima asa. And I liked the "kima" part :)

Pilar No translation story for these guys - it's more the matching color palette and personality of these hoops and the name "Pilar" (which I love). Excited to find more homes for this set of recycled glass stones.