Mixed Media: a new endeavor

Some of you may have seen some of my work in the summer of 2012, shortly after I dove back into photography. A few good series were spent exploring nightscapes in Uptown (see 1 above) and fountains across Chicago (2). While I found these images intriguing (so!), the noise was high so the potential was low. Yet I have these prints, again from back when my habit was get all the interesting ones printed, just to see how they looked as 8x10's. :) 

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Mari Lamp breezed through town and said, well, what if you start drawing on your prints? What if you add to them in some way? Which has been suggested to me before, but never tested. Thus, this week's work, above. The most successful of a series of explorations, marrying oil pastels with old prints. Not worthy of my etsy shop, perhaps, but I'm going to walk down this road to see where it leads. 

I realize I've exhausted this phrase today, so apologies. But - "stay tuned" :)