Let's Airport II

I love the rainbow bokeh in these images, the unfocused points of light that make a twilight image feel festive and full of wonder. There are two extra special images I want to call out: The first image is actually two, layered on top of each other. The last image, as with much of my work, blurs the light. I'm so pleased that the blurs are completely straight. Trust me, it took a lot of wavy shots to get this one :)

Engagement: Joanna and David

I'm sorry, does it get classier than this? 

I met Joanna through All Angels Church just over a year ago. She is a delight. So of course I was *so* excited to photograph engagement photos for her and her fiancé, David.

We started in the sanctuary, where David fell in love with Joanna. 
Right there, where they're sitting.
(There's some disagreement who was on the left and who was on the right - just go with it.)

From there, we went outside, to the sidewalk right next to the entrance - 

where David had proposed a few short weeks ago!

No shoot is complete without some middle-of-the-avenue shots, of course...

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple :)



The first moments of sunrise illuminate the world like none other.

It's like the first rays of light after a long darkness, even a long darkness you weren't sure you'd see through to the end. But the end came, and it was glorious - everything sparking and showing its color like you'd never seen.

I'm looking to capture that moment in my work - when you have fresh eyes to see and appreciate, to wonder and imagine. Not midnight, when all is dark. Not noon, when the light seems like nothing special. No - at dawn, when the light is soft and persistent, when everything is new.