Riverside Research

Hello adorable keys.

I was scoping out an engagement shoot in Riverside Park this weekend, and 
just had to share my research.

Just insert adorable couple here :) Stay tuned for the engagement shoot itself in a few weeks!

Ok, ok, I won't ask them to climb trees. If you look closely, you can see who's already in the tree, posing for me. The tree bark below reminds me of the detail in a Chuck Close drawing (see here). 


The first moments of sunrise illuminate the world like none other.

It's like the first rays of light after a long darkness, even a long darkness you weren't sure you'd see through to the end. But the end came, and it was glorious - everything sparking and showing its color like you'd never seen.

I'm looking to capture that moment in my work - when you have fresh eyes to see and appreciate, to wonder and imagine. Not midnight, when all is dark. Not noon, when the light seems like nothing special. No - at dawn, when the light is soft and persistent, when everything is new.

Into the Woods

I'm paying more attention to the woods this year, especially as the seasons change. 

The leaves turn more slowly there - is it because the wind can't whip through as easily as it sweeps down tree lined streets downtown? Or does the mass of organic material keep the air warmer, prolonging fall? No idea. I don't mind keeping the color well past first-frost, though, 
so I'm not complaining :)

On a technical note, I removed four of the eight colors from these images. Can you tell which ones? Hint: these were taken with the color palette you get a few minutes after sunrise.