New work, old sources and #tbt pigeons

[Untitled], 16"x20"

This painting is based on a photo from 2006, which may or may not have been taken in at my college dining hall. It may or may not be wobbling glass of water - more likely the camera is moving and the glass is still. To me, it's affirmation. Look! This abstract photography addiction isn't wholly new, it's been building for years and years... Which you can see, actually, in my photography work from around 2006, too - even my black and white analog work gets excited about abstraction. 

This might be my favorite section
All to my surprise, of course, because I have zero memory of taking this photo, nor most of the abstract photos I've found from my analog class. Except the one of the pigeons. And since I thought you all might enjoy it, I've taken a photo of it, below.

Note to potential buyers: 
I finished the painting yesterday, so while you may lay claim to it now, I can't ship it until it's dry.